STOP - Exclusive Techniques On How To Make $75,000 Per Year In Location Independent Income AND Get Better With Women
Discover How To Make $6500 Per Month In Location Independent Income While Improving Your Woman Skills
If you are a man who:

• Doesn’t make enough money

• Has trouble attracting women

• Has problems maintaining quality relationships with women

• Has difficulty hitting your big goals

• Has work that consumes too much of your life

• Has trouble staying motivated

• Tends to have lots of “drama” in your relationships

...then this book was written specifically for YOU. It’s over 400 pages of proven principles and techniques that have been successfully used by men all over the Western world.

Because of rapidly changing technology and cultural norms, for the first time in history a man can live truly as he desires. He can truly be free, both in his business life and woman life, even if he’s committed to one special girl.

In The Unchained Man, you will learn specific, step-by-step techniques to:

  • Design a low-work, high-income business that you can run from anywhere with no employees.
  • Design the perfect type of relationship for you: casual, very serious and committed, or something in-between. One where you can love a woman but still be free to do whatever you want without having to “check in” with anyone.
  • Design an entire life structured to make you happier.
  • Be more focused on your big goals while still maintaining personal freedom and happiness. Hit those goals faster!
  • Dramatically improve your dating and sex life.
  • Better manage your time and reduce stress.
  • Overcome mental blocks to your own happiness, most of which you don’t even know are there!
  • Be more confident.
  • Look better.
  • Integrate women, or that one special woman, into your life with fewer restrictions on your happiness, freedom, and masculinity.
  • Make more money from fewer hours of work.
  • Get your income up fast!
  • Raise happy children (if kids are something you want).
  • And much more!
Thousands of men all over the world have already improved their work lives, relationship lives, sex lives, personal freedom, and happiness by living the lifestyle of the Alpha Male 2.0.

Join us! It’s a very good place to be, and it’s all in this book.
What a fantastic guide! It is rare that you get such a positive guide to living a happy life as a man in this world without apology and with minimal problems. Like many guys, I was already doing some of the methods and beliefs in the book, but like most things in life, the 20% I wasn't doing was causing 80% of my problems. In particular, I had hang-ups about being successful and making money. This was such a complete guide to living a happy, satisfying, and interesting life that gave me the remaining tools to fill in some of the gaps I had in my life. Caleb wasn't angry or bitter about the world like most authors in this area. It was very refreshing and inspiring to read.

Mike Thompson
From teaching you how to make more money to how to have more women and how to have more time to do it, Caleb has your entire life covered. This book will change your life.

Colin C.
This book covers everything! Key concepts about happiness, making money, entrepreneurship, dating, relationships, even raising kids?!? It's amazing how Caleb's Alpha Male 2.0 concepts flow through so many different areas of life. This is by far one of the best self help books I've ever read. When's the sequel Caleb??? More, more!!!

Gus Trask
If you're having trouble with your life mission and staying focused in your goals, do yourself a favor and read this book. Then open it and read it again. Simply put: this book as well as Caleb's other work changed my life.

Victor Franz
I told Caleb he was crazy for selling this book for 7 dollars. He should be selling this thing for $300 at least. The two chapters on personal Mission and time management are worth hundreds of dollars.

Rick J.
I have been a beta tester for the book, and I would rate it as the most influential and important book I have ever read (I have read 50+ books in the last 3 years). Caleb Jones has made me the man I am today. The Unchained Man distills the wisdom that any modern man is seeking who wants to live his life to the fullest. I have been reading Caleb's (Blackdragon) material for a while, but the content in the book has been far more detailed and original.

This book covers all aspects of the life of a man who wants to be an Alpha Male 2.0 – money, women, and business - which makes it the most important book that has been written in this century for men.

There is strong focus on the right mindset required to live an abundant masculine life by specifically attacking the social programming that hinders a man unconsciously from attaining his goals or even setting an ambitious one. Every chapter has valuable practical examples on applying the principle that it contains. The narrative is practical and rich with original examples and metaphors that help the reader to have a strong impression of the topic within.

Personally I have started the level 1 foundation for my own business which was not hitting the ground for a long time. My women life has been the most abundant and varied this year ever. By the time I read the book, I was able to overcome my challenges and apply the mindsets in the book to start doing it. Its that powerful.

There is one chapter that I wouldn't name here, that will take your life to soaring heights and focus, which is not even mentioned elsewhere - not in general self help nor in specialized manosphere blogs. Find it out for yourself and take your life to the heights that you always wanted to take it to but never imagined possible.

Samim Salim

Absolute Rock-Solid No-Questions-Asked LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee
If you purchase The Unchained Man and are at all dissatisfied at any time I will refund all of your money, any time, no questions asked. Even better, there is no time limit on this guarantee. None.

I have no problem offering this kind of guarantee. Why? My books have been selling regularly since 2009. Men from all over the world have emailed me their success stories. I know for a fact these techniques work. They'll work for you too.
Because of this lifetime guarantee, there is no risk to you ordering this right now.
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This is for the guy who wants all the information, to get from zero to the results as fast as possible. It includes all versions of the digital book, plus the audiobook, plus all the worksheets, plus several supplemental podcasts, all listed below. The 100% lifetime guarantee applies as always!
  • PDF Format
  • Kindle / MOBI Format
  • EPUB Format
  • Unabridged 13+ Hour Audio in MP3 Format
  • Alpha Male 2.0 Life Planning worksheets - Several worksheets (in Microsoft Excel format) that take you through all the exercises in the book. Set your goals, develop your life Mission, and much more.
  • The Unchained Man Supplemental Podcast - A 40-minute podcast with extra techniques and strategies not included in the main book.
  • Podcast - Formulating Your Mission - A 30-minute podcast that helps you formulate and clarify your life Mission.
  • Podcast - Tracking Your Key Numbers - A 36-minute podcast that maps out exactly what key numbers you need to track both in your financial life and woman life for maximum productivity and success.

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